Plan A Visit
What To Expect When you arrive you at any of our church services you will be greeted by a warm and friendly greet team. Our greet team will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You will be provided a visitor’s packet with more information about the church & a connection card. Upon filling out the connection card with basic contact information, it should be returned to one of the greet team members at the end of service.

Sunday Morning Service   We have two morning services for you to choose from, 9am & 11:30am. Following worship is the preaching of the Word, and following the preaching of the Word is a time of prayer. You can receive prayer from our Pastors or Leaders in our church during the altar call, or write any prayer requests and drop it into the prayer request box if you have a private need that needs continual prayer. Sunday morning services usually last 1 1/2 hours.
Sunday Evening Service ( Temporarily Postponed Following the same structure as the Sunday morning service, 4:30 PM worship starts, including contemporary and traditional worship songs. The Word is preached and an altar call is given. Prayer and worship is emphasized in this service.
Thursday Family Ministry Night ( Temporarily Online )Our Sanctuary will be open 30 minutes early for those who desire to come and pray or need prayer. Our service will start promptly at 7pm with everyone meeting in the sanctuary for worship for roughly 30 minutes. Then everyone will be dismissed to their appropriate small group. We have small groups for Kids, Youth, Men, & Women. There is something for everyone. All groups will end & dimes at 8:30pm

Is there a Dress Code? Come as you are. We like to dress our best for God, but we emphasize a relationship with God internally more than worrying about what you are wearing. 

What about the Youth? ( Coming Soon )We have a thriving youth ministry. Our youth meet every Friday night from 7pm – 8:30pm. Powerful worship, interactive messages & lessons, games and food. As well as meeting a couple of times a month for various events. Games nights, movie nights, bowling, laser tag, basketball, volleyball, trips to Six Flags

What about the kids? Every Sunday at  9am & 11:30am and also Thursday at 7pm Kingdom Kids meet in The Kid’s Club House under the direction of Pastors Jake & Kirsten Crets & their fully trained & vetted team. Games, snacks, illustrations, interactive lessons, rewards & prizes are a part of every service. All kids ages 5-12 years old can be checked in before service at our secure Kids Club Building through our secure check-in system. 
And We Haven’t Forgot The Littles Either! – WEE JUNGLE Nursery is available at all services & small groups (unless other wise noted). You can check them in before each service &/or small group at our secure Kids Club House Building through the WEE JUNGLE Entry point. Signs will be posted. Check them in in with secure check-in system.  
We have a well trained, and fully vetted staff that is dedicated to giving your child a great experience and parents peace of mind. To ensure safety, we use a check-in system. When a parent checks a child in, they are given a security number. A child is not released from our nursery until the teacher has been given the security number and it matches the childs. WEE JUNGLE is changing the world one child at a time! What to bring: • Please bring diapers, wipes, bottles & pacifiers. We ask that you clearly label all items that belong to your child. For children who are potty training we also recommend that you bring a change of clothes for them in case they have an accident while at church.

There is something for every person in the family. Feel free to view the individual ministry profiles on this site for a full description.